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The brain is very sensitive to lack of oxygen, sitting position restricts its flow into the lungs. If a person sits for a long time, in the lower parts of the lungs, abdominal organs and legs stagnant blood, which also reduces the efficiency of the body, primarily the brain.

Every hour make a break for 5 minutes: walk, workout, do some simple stretching exercises of the muscles. It will be nice if at this time open the window! I have been working out together for 4 hours, break for 1 hour. Forward to fresh air!

An important point is the lighting of the workplace. Often independent work at students accounted for the evening. If the workplace is insufficiently or unevenly lit, the eyes will tire quickly, causing a feeling of General fatigue, headache. Hygienic norm of lighting desktop provides one bulb of 40-60 watts, covered with a canopy or shade. The location of the light source should be left on the Desk. These rules better not be neglected – the vision should be protected.

The work plan

The student’s condition also need to take the planning work for the semester. So you bring up will power and self-discipline.

How to develop a work plan for the semester:

Take the calendar with the ability to make brief notes (cage needs to be large enough). Calendar you can make your own on the computer.

In the cells note the discipline in which you will do. Do it by analogy, how is the class schedule at the University. Use odd and even weeks for convenience.

As you complete the planned work, make notes about the successful tasks in the calendar.

At the end of the week control – all done or not. At the end of the month similarly.

If possible, set yourself small rewards for completing weekly plans: going to the movies, in cafes, in General, give yourself something from which you are such a joy.

Alternatively, you can start a calendar with an organizer in which to write down every day what had been done. Comparing with the planned work, you will be able to objectively assess its effectiveness.

It does not matter if the plan then will need to be adjusted anyway – it can help you a lot to pass my exams.

Rational behavior during the session

In order to successfully pass the session need some to rebuild your mode:

Sleep still need 8 or at least 7 hours.

The spread for the whole day thus: from Breakfast to lunch, from lunch to dinner, from dinner until bedtime. Each period is about 3-4 hours. Each work period ends with a short walk in the fresh air.

You can’t stay up late, trying to cheer up strong coffee or tea. This quickly decreases efficiency, and vigils upset sleep. As a result, your productivity will tend to zero.

Schematically, the mode shown in the figure. In this case, consider a small margin for interruptions. Thus, three working period you will have time to prepare for the session.

On the day of the exam do not need too early to come to the University. First, their knowledge will not be able to replenish for a few hours before the exam. Second, during this time, you just get tired and perenervnichala. Thirdly, when it comes your turn to take the exam as a physical and mental strain will inevitably affect the answer. Better use the same number of hours for sleeping or training at home before the exam. Come to College with a small margin of time.

And a couple of words about coffee. Strong, invigorating, but during the session, its best to limit consumption as the stimulating effects on the brain has the opposite effect when used during prolonged mental stress. Eat no more than 1 max 2 cups of coffee a day in the morning.


Although the exams is a significant waste of forces and nerves – without them it is impossible.

Session is not only a test of knowledge and ability to work independently.

During training in high school student takes several tens of examinations and tests – the same time he is preparing a response coherently presents the material, answers the questions of the examiner. Taken together, this all teaches the art of mastery, teaches to think rationally, it is of the quality needed by any qualified technician.

Hopefully, the tips on how to pass the session will help you in this difficult matter.

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